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    Sat, 10/31/2020 - 10:30am
    a go
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    Note: the (guests welcome for 1 ride, $30 Annual SBRA Membership required thereafter) is temporarily suspended during COVID. No guests allowed at this time.
    Road Bike
    Details (RL read field instructions carefully): 


    Newbies always welcome and well taken care of. Bring face covering, water and a snack if we do not stop as direction depends on the wind direction, tide, position of moon and leaders disposition. Nobody gets left behind. Any cancellation will be by 8:30am. PARK ON SOUTH SIDE OF RR IN LOT ACROSS FROM SCHOOL.

    No need to email me.

    Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the ride start to "get yourself" ready.

    SBRA Covid Guidelines
    Suffolk Bicycle Riders Association (SBRA)
    Group Ride Policy during COVID-19 Pandemic

    • SBRA rides will be limited to CLUB MEMBERS ONLY.
    Do not participate in any SBRA ride if you are feeling ill.
    • Proper social distancing of at least 6 feet must be maintained at the start and at all times during the ride, including rest stops, red lights, stop signs, “mechanical” stops, etc.; where this is not possible, face coverings (masks, Buffs, neck gaiters, etc.) must be worn and “up”. You must have a face covering with you at the start. If you do not, the ride leader must not allow you to ride with the group. “No Mask, No Ride”
    • The Ride Leader will sign in all riders. Each rider must provide their full name, required phone numbers and SBRA user ID number.
    Note: by allowing the SBRA Rider Leader to write your name on the Ride Sign-in Sheet and joining the ride, you are agreeing to the standard Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement (“Agreement”) required on all SBRA rides.
    • No more than FIFTEEN people in a group ride (now back to normal SBRA guidelines). (UPDATED 9/1/20 and 3/26/21)
    • If more than FIFTEEN members show up for a ride, it is recommended that the ride be split into two or more groups.
    • If more than one group is riding the same route from the same start, they must start at spaced out times. Groups should not rejoin one another during the ride. If the second group gets too close to the first group, they must stop and wait for the first group to get further ahead. If the second group is not familiar with the route, they can stay close enough to the first group to allow them to follow but must keep as large a distance as possible. The first group should make sure they can see the second group behind them if the second group is not familiar with the route. If separated by a traffic light, the first group should slow up until they see the second group is once again following.
    • No spitting, snot-rockets or expelling fluids from your nose or mouth. Keep any tissues, handkerchiefs, etc. securely tucked inside your pockets.
    • All riders must bring a face covering. Face coverings may be worn “down” while riding, but must be pulled “up” when going through busy small town areas, when passing oncoming pedestrians and in other situations where there is a real or perceived risk of infection. Buffs, neck gaiters and similar items have worked out well for many cyclists since they can easily be pulled up or down.
    • Face coverings must be worn whenever social distancing cannot be maintained and any place where the group stops for more than 2 minutes.
    • It is recommended that all riders carry their own personal hand sanitizer.
    • Ride distances should take into account the limited availability of rest rooms and food stops.
    • The foregoing may not be waived by individual ride leaders. Additional restrictions may be added by individual ride leaders with the same force and effect as the foregoing.
    • As always, ride leaders have the right to ask any rider to leave the ride when rules are not followed.

    In Addition: Besides the standard Waiver, SBRA will require all participants to acknowledge and agree that:
    • Bicycle riding is inherently dangerous and that riding in a group can increase the participant’s chances of contracting COVID-19.
    • The Participant will take reasonable precautions to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and will conduct himself or herself in accordance with SBRA requirements as well as the recommendations of public health officials.
    • Appearances count. In addition to actually riding safely, we want at all times to appear to the public that we are riding safely. That means strict adherence to social distancing, face-covering-wearing and other requirements, including numerical limitations.
    The Participant has read and understands all of the above and will abide by all of the terms and conditions of the ride waiver and the supplemental guidelines for group riding.

    This policy will be available to read at each ride: 
    Ride Participants (arrive 20 minutes before ride start time)
    Sign-In Sheet (Admin Use Only - after ride): 
    Sign-In Sheet submitted INCOMPLETE (if red envelope shown): 
    Ride Statistics
    Ride Leaders: 
    Actual Miles: 

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