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    Training with SBRA members on Discord and the new Virtual Ride Forum

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    During this stay-at-home time, I (Paul Miklean) tried using my bike on a trainer to get in my hour of exercise.  Unfortunately, after a few days of this, it started to get old.

    On the SBRA Forums (Message Board), under Virtual Rides (NEW 2020), Tom Gorman (TomG), had listed Discord – Something to Think About,” suggesting getting on to his Discord channel to join him, while he too was training at home.  Discord, like Zoom, FaceTime and other similar chat apps, allows for voice, video and text interactions.

    With the download, Tom and I spent time chatting together on our cell phone, while each of us were on our respective trainers.  Tom has a Wahoo Kickr, an elaborate smart trainer which he uses in conjunction with Zwift, a computer program which displays his avatar and other riders on a computer screen, on country routes and city streets such as New York City and London.  My trainer simply allows me to connect my bicycle to it.  My visual experience is to watch my neighbors walking their dogs as I spin on my porch.  The best part of the experience with Discord, is that it changed the experience from “alone and a-grind,” to social and enjoyable.

    It occurred to Tom and I that SBRA members might wish to participate with us or to set up their own Discord, Zoom, etc. channel. Once on the channel, groups can chat.  Having a trainer is not a requirement as one could use any form of workout equipment, i.e. elliptical machine, a treadmill or lie in bed and simply be part of the conversation. Joining the group during the workout session is all that you’d need to do. As such, A riders and D riders can be on the same channel with no one left behind.

    To get started:

    1.  Join Tom’s channel

    • Check the Virual Rides Forum to find out about Tom and other members's ride time(s).
    • Download the Discord app.
    • Join Tom’s Discord channel:
    • Or look for other members who may post their own channel links.

    2. Want to set up your own channel?  Need help?: Speak or email Tom, his contact info is below.

    Tom Gorman
    P: (631) 960-1035


            Paul Miklean
            SBRA VP Operations


    Click here to see what Virtual Rides are being posted on the forum.

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